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Margo Loving Her Toy Tosser

Buy a Toy Tosser Today!

Design Your Own Toy Tosser!

An unfinished Toy Tosser for you to decorate and personalize!

Colored Toy Tosser

A Toy Tosser in purple, yellow, or red! 

How Toy Tossers work

When you receive your Toy Tosser, it's easy to assemble. All you have to do is snap the pipes together and voila! You are done! There is one more thing to do before you play. Tie on a toy! Toy Tossers don't work without a toy. We recommend that you attach a toy that your dog already likes because if you buy a brand new toy, it may be difficult for your dog to get interested in the toy, as well as stay engaged. Toy attached? What're you waiting for? Go have fun with your dog! :)

All Toy Tossers are handmade!

Our Mascot and Creator

Margo the german shepherd is our Mascot because she is the creators (Natalie) pup! Read more about both of them on the home page!


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NOTICE OF RISK: This product at times can be dangerous and involve risk of injury, death, or damage. Dangers can occur, but are not limited to, when the product is misused. We do not except returns unless the product you receive is defective. If it is defective, please contact us at for us to send you a new one. Toy Tossers cannot be held responsible for decorations put on to the Toy Tossers. Toy Tossers cannot be held responsible for injury, death, or damage caused by the Toy Tosser. Toy Tossers will not share your information with anyone outside of the company and the services we use.

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